Wednesday, July 31, 2013

May, June & July 2013

 Your first big boy bed - ya its huge - ya people think its ridiculous - but we don't care because YOU LOVE IT!!! 
Target Reading - "this book nice mama?"

Brag time. These two men are beyond loving to Atticus, insanely patient for dealing with me, and coexist together without a struggle. Atti and I have been blessed to live and grow with both of his fantastic dads. I'm proud of us for parenting in separate houses but having one goal - a healthy, successful and most of all a happy Atticus Jackson. 

My first homemade cookies - dada no like them they have oats but you and I ate them all in two days!!! Levi is your favorite little person these days - you even want to facetime with him after y'all play -  CUTENESS!!!

You think and have thought for at least 3 months that you are a super - we love being supers with you!


Your playfulness fills my heart up - not being chessy Atti - you honestly make me the happiest mama in the world.
Ziggy is defiantly still your favorite - you enjoy pulling on his tail and at nap time you MUST lay by him. You demand it like a Jersey housewife. The two of you love each-other and run circles in our apartment.

You thought this was hilarious - you then put one on and you hated it as the nose hairs tickled your little nose. "Again mama - Again Dada" you bossed us


Your birthday is in less than one month - you are going to be three. Its bittersweet to me of course. I love nothing more to watch you learn, grow and play. However, I don't like to tell you to go to bed as you always wake up a day older with less need for me, less innocents, less unknown. BUT you wake having more love for others (you bring us towels every-time the shower turns off - its the cutest damn thing ever), you speak new words everyday and you are learning how to be an amazing human being. you are my little sponge - soaking it all it. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

BLOKUS - your first board game!

As you can see you loved it! You did amazing - your were very patient in waiting your turn. You picked up the whole game without any fuss and you learned the game quicker than most adults would have!   

Monday, April 1, 2013


Eggs for the cracking game!  

Cracked toooo hard! ahahaha

Granny Spice hooked atti up!
"two guy"

4 generations dyeing eggs.

Whoever wins must wear this beauty! 

Cory found the special egg ($10.00)
I won the easter egg hunt and the egg cracking competition.
Atticus was very focused and rather serious about finding his eggs 
he would order "this way mama" 

It was a wonderful easter. Thanks to Darcy and Granny Rita! 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape

380 Pieces of fun - the dads loved it more than anyone!

 Nothing makes me happier than seeing Atticus learning, exploring and laughing. However seeing Cory & Danon sit for hours and put that together with Atticus was warming.
It's easy when you have a baby it is no longer about you anymore. It is about them (Atticus) and the three of us know that and believe it. We truly are blessed to have each other as a lot of people cannot coexist the way we have chosen to. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Inflatable slide FAIL.


I walked over to him touched his puffy purple hand & began to cry. I quickly got myself together as I had to for Atticus and drove to Children's Mercy Emergency room. I chocked up again when we arrived. However, they were very helpful and kept Atticus (me) calm. This was the first time I had seen him hurt, not a scrapped knee or an ear infection but actually hurting. It was awful, knotted my stomach and made me sweat literally, my armpits were watering. The worst part of the hospital visit was when they came in a few hours later to place this splint on his arm. It took Danon, myself and 4 nurses yes four said they had never seen a kid fight like him. He was crying and kicking so hard he passed out in my arms. Nigh night atti. After he woke up he was amazing about it - very tough. 

Having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body.
 It's the most amazing amount of love when you fall in love with them. 
However, I found out today that that comes with the most amazing 
amount of pain when you cannot heal their pain.