Wednesday, July 31, 2013

May, June & July 2013

 Your first big boy bed - ya its huge - ya people think its ridiculous - but we don't care because YOU LOVE IT!!! 
Target Reading - "this book nice mama?"

Brag time. These two men are beyond loving to Atticus, insanely patient for dealing with me, and coexist together without a struggle. Atti and I have been blessed to live and grow with both of his fantastic dads. I'm proud of us for parenting in separate houses but having one goal - a healthy, successful and most of all a happy Atticus Jackson. 

My first homemade cookies - dada no like them they have oats but you and I ate them all in two days!!! Levi is your favorite little person these days - you even want to facetime with him after y'all play -  CUTENESS!!!

You think and have thought for at least 3 months that you are a super - we love being supers with you!


Your playfulness fills my heart up - not being chessy Atti - you honestly make me the happiest mama in the world.
Ziggy is defiantly still your favorite - you enjoy pulling on his tail and at nap time you MUST lay by him. You demand it like a Jersey housewife. The two of you love each-other and run circles in our apartment.

You thought this was hilarious - you then put one on and you hated it as the nose hairs tickled your little nose. "Again mama - Again Dada" you bossed us


Your birthday is in less than one month - you are going to be three. Its bittersweet to me of course. I love nothing more to watch you learn, grow and play. However, I don't like to tell you to go to bed as you always wake up a day older with less need for me, less innocents, less unknown. BUT you wake having more love for others (you bring us towels every-time the shower turns off - its the cutest damn thing ever), you speak new words everyday and you are learning how to be an amazing human being. you are my little sponge - soaking it all it. 

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