Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time is flying...

Atticus is now 16 inches long and about 2.75 pounds!

Sexy mama stretch marks are not little and few anymore - looks like I was attacked byWolverine!

His kicks/punches are getting stronger and more frequent!

Today my mom Nana felt his foot pushing on her hand!

My heartburn is getting progressively worse everyday.
I am breathing heavier and its starting to be rather painful to breathe properly throughout the day, i guess thats what happens when your body and organs are being smashed and pushed around.

it (being a pregnant woman) is bizarre how swollen my feet get (which by the way are 2 sizes bigger than they were 29 weeks ago), how sore my back is from that damn sciatic nerve (lets just say one night i feel and i was on my back like a lady bug on its back flopping around in pain and i pissed all over myself like an infant and laid in it laugh-crying), how much my throat burns after i vomit at 2am (and then i spend ten minutes playing ping pong with my thoughts about if i should take my prenatal vitamins again or if they have made it safe from the vomit session), the most annoying part has been how difficult it is to reach my vagina after i pee- i feel like i am in yoga trying to get the correct balance and stretch just to wipe my own ass.

My mommy bought me this book A Girlfriend Guide to Pregnancy AKA my bible.

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  1. I wish I had one of these when I was pregors..... Hang in there sweetie pie. Soon you will miss the little belly kicks and the excess gas. LOL