Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zero - One

38 hours later and an unplanned emergency C-Setion 

"My life began when I saw your face"

Papa Danon and Atti Boy snuggling at the hospital 

Finally home!


This was traumatic - yes I know people are starving in other countries but when its your first born and they scream from the "pain" from their "first" shots its traumatic. Okay fine I am being a little dramatic but it was not enjoyable. 

September 2012
Pure Happiness (drunken sleep from breast milk)

Our support team for our life.

Oh yea! Im brining sexy back. 
September 2010

October 2010

November 2010
 I LOVE the Baby Bjorn - Seriously I could be that companies spokes person, I wont post all my Baby Bjorn photos but here are three. Atti is always eating, sleeping in the Bjorn, or the lamb swing (thank god above for the lamb swing!), cooing, drooling or working on sitting up alone. 

CLICK HERE! Look how strong you are Atti!

November 2010 
Three generations of love.

"Being a mom is like having your heart walk around outside your body."

November 2010 

4 months old (first professional photos)
Ya i know the background is jacked however Atti is looking amazing!!!

Dada Cory December 2010 


December 2010
We had a wonderful Christmas at the Hares! 

2011 Begins
January 2011
Parents of the year!
(Atticus worships us right now)

First time eating solid food, which isnt all that solid. 

First time in the snow!

January 2011

February 2011

Atti's 6 months old birthday party! 

UPGRADE - Look at him feeling so big!

Happy birthday lil piog!

toofas coming in

March 2011

Helping me write a paper for Miltons class 

April 2011

Amazed by him. SO big So fast. where did our baby go?

9 Months old!

June 2011
First time swimming in a pool!

July 2011


So blessed! 

Nigh Night our dearest 1 year old.
Little boys should never be told to go to sleep... they always wake up a day older. 
Happy First Birthday Atti Boy 

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