Friday, May 21, 2010

Leila and Kaleigh are my happiness makers - without them I would have been very unhappy and uncomfortable during my first and second trimester. The baby shower they put together was fun and I am very grateful! Kaleigh was the one holding my hair when I was sick, cleaning my kitchen, listening to me whine at threeAM, and of coarse changing it to the next episode when devil red came on (NOT IT) They both helped me move all my stuff to storage and even hit a pole inside the storage unit for a good laugh! Thank you Kaleigh and Leila for loving me for me and helping me stay happy.   

March 29th 2010 - BOI!!!

My lovely lady lump - Atticus Jackson April 18th 2010 5 Months

Toilet Paper Diapers at our wonderful baby shower!
Stefanie, Zoe & Krisitin
Larmen Love.

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