Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is my mommy Anne, Atticus's Nana, my lamaze coach (we start in a few weeks!) and my main support through this exciting and intense experience!
We have been watching a show called A Baby Story (while eating very naughty delicious foods)The show has been surprisingly entertaining and helpful for learning about what will happen in the delivery room! 

"A Baby Story takes viewers on an intimate and emotional journey by profiling couples' experiences from the final weeks of pregnancy through the first weeks of a new life. Go inside the delivery room for a voyeuristic peek at the drama of labor and the sheer joy and relief of the unforgettable birth moment.  Share in the experience and all the emotions parents feel when they first greet their newborn."

Nana and I went shopping and bought Atticus the outfit he will come home from the hospital in today! 

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